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Here you can find a list of helpful links to external resources, links I mentioned in the documentation or just a perfect complement for the topic.

Alpine JS is a very easy to use and extremely light-weight JS Framework. You can say it is an “reduced” Vue JS so if you love Vue JS than this might be the right choice if you don’t need the whole functionality for smaller functionalities.

Tailwind CSS is a highly customizable, low-level CSS framework and it delivers in combination with PostCSS and Purge extremely small CSS files.

Why Tailwind CSS is my CSS framework of choice - If you’re sick of tweaking the CSS framework you are using, don’t want to override unwanted styles anymore and are a big fan of modularisation, then Tailwind CSS was made for you.

Alpine JS – like Tailwind CSS for JavaScript - Use plain JavaScript also known as Vanilla JS to make your server side rendered pages dynamically the way you can do it in Vue JS with only 8,4kb costs. Sounds great? Try Alpine JS.

Craftplaces API

Craftplaces API App

Craftplaces API Documentation

Register x-data and x-init functions as window properties

Alpine.js devtools

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