TA-Styled-Plugins - Basic Concept

Learn more about the basic concept behind all plugins and how it can speed up your time to get things done.

TA-Styled-Plugins are modules you can use very easily to enhance your website. All plugins are providing a structure and starting points for adding it to your project. All plugins are based on Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS this allows you to focus on creating something amazing while the plugin takes care of the rest. With TA-Styled-Plugins my goal is to provide a great developer experience to you and an amazing user experience for your customers or users.

My goal is to provide a great developer experience to you

Every plugin…

All plugins are working the same way and using Alpine JS directives to start interacting with your component.

  • Every plugin has to be added with the x-data directive and called initially with the x-initdirective. Inside of your component you can use methods and values as you might be familiar with from Vue JS.

  • Every plugin does have a detailed documentation about how to start and every provided method and value you can use in your component.

  • Most plugins do have a Tailwind CSS plugin, so you can start even faster. All utilities provided by these plugins are defining some basic stuff to let the magic happen - the visual design is up to you.

  • Every plugin is based on Tailwind CSS, so it is extremely easy for you to customize everything to fit into your project - there is no need for rewriting any CSS styles.

Learn more about the technology behind the curtain and the browser support of TA-Styled-Plugins.

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Explore all TA Styled Plugins and learn how to enhance your website fast and easy. All TA Styled Plugins stand for light-weight, responsive, mobile first and 100% customizable with endless animation options and are based on Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS.

TA Styled Plugins are licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE for details.

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