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The idea behind TA Styles Plugins

As I started with my article about Alpine JS and how it can make your life way easier compared to jQuery - I figured out that especially in comparison with this famous framework of the old days, Alpine JS is way better than I thought.

After using Alpine JS for quite a time I used it more and more for every dynamic content in my projects. As a preferred CSS framework I have been using Tailwind CSS since version 1.0. In combination both are unbelievably amazing to build websites, applications, solutions, products, landing pages or whatever you want. Since I switched to the JAMstack I designed and developed so many great things with Vue JS, Alpine JS and Tailwind CSS that I thought to myself maybe some people out in the digital “no man’s land” might be interested in using the stuff I did.

So the idea of TA Styles Plugins was born. My idea was, I wanted to make it easy to use small, mobile first, accessible, reusable and small scripts based on Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS.


Better developer experience
Easy to start with - Complete starter guide for every plugin.
Better developer experience
Examples - A lot of inspiration material on how to use the plugins.
Better developer experience
Tailwind CSS Plugins - Great developer experience included.
Micro animations - Awesome for great user experience.
Accessibility features
Accessibility features - Make it usable for everyone.
Alpine JS logo
Based on Alpine JS - Small footprint and Vue JS inspired, like Tailwind for JavaScript.
Tailwind CSS logo
100% Tailwind CSS - Rapidly build modern websites without leaving your HTML.

Learn more about the basic concept and the technology behind the curtain of all TA-Styled-Plugins.

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Explore all TA Styled Plugins and learn how to enhance your website fast and easy. All TA Styled Plugins stand for light-weight, responsive, mobile first and 100% customizable with endless animation options and are based on Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS.

TA Styled Plugins are licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE for details.

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